June 21, 2013

What are the dimensions of the Pool?

Dimensions of the pool

Rosie B's "dogs only" patented pool is open all year. Whether used for rehabilitation, therapy or exercise, the bone shape and the dimensions of 46 ft. long by 27 ft. wide makes this possibly the eight wonder of the world. The beach front entrance allows all dogs to feel that the water is safe as they go into a depth of that is comfortable to then up 3/1/2 feet.


March 31, 2012

Have A Tick Free Summer!

"SICK Of Ticks On Your Dog! Swimming is The PAWFECT Solution!"
Jackson Rose

SPRING has arrived at Rosie B's Swim Center!
Make an appointment and allow your dog's Summer Fun begin

Swimming is the PAWFECT Solution!
Let your TICK Free Summer Begin!!!

Swimming Lessons Puppy Summer Program!

Do you have a PUPPY?  and would like to know if he or she can swim!
Guess what all dogs are born knowing how to swim! At Rosie B's we simply introduce them to the water in a FUN LOVING way.

It is a four week course and your PUPPY receives a Certificate at the end.


July 8, 2011

The Tail Of Rosie B's Swim Center for dogs

  Meet Rosie B.

As told by the founder herself  Rosie B. Korny

Hi! I am Rosie and I would like to share with you the history of Rosie B's.
Obviously the pool was named after me.
Yes they made me wear the bathing caps.

When I was young I had hip dysplacia. Yes I know how my canine friends feel because I had surgery too. I even have the scars to prove it. I had (ACL) replacement and double hip surgery.

I did a lot of reasearch and found that water therapy would help improve my busy life style. So I talked this over with my humam family and we all came up with the Idea of a swimming pool for dogs only.

My only concern was with hip dysplacia it is hard to walk up stairs so the Idea of a beach entrance was born.  Woof! Woof! Brilliant!

I wanted the pool to look and feel like the beach. No park rangers to kick us out fresh clean water with no bugs around.  Gee am I in heaven or Holland. 

My family loved me so much they wanted to make Rosie B's the place where all pooches and their families can have fun, excersise, and bond. 

Please enter this wonderful creation of love.
A take on my favorite place in the whole world......The Beach.

~ So live everyday to the fullest.~
Remember to have fun and live for today.

Rosie B.
Ps. If you are wondering what the B. stands for my nick name is "Rose Bud"

Rosie B's Swim Center was built out of "pure love" for canines all around the world.
We believe that swimming should be a bonding experience and a confidence booster for canines.        We like to say that "Therapy and fun become one" we are not therapists but do have experience with the care and love it takes to mend the physical and mental being of canines.

Rosie B's is the The official Indoor Beach for dogs